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Goodbye Forever!!!

I can't have a livefournal anymore.please don't comment because right after i post this.... catlover_28 will be gone.goodbye forever.
hi you guys!
i got to work at the soup kitchen today and i'm really sore.but what really made me sad was that a seven week old baby was there, that upset me.come on seven weeks! wouldn't you be upset too if you saw a new baby homeless.
I finally got my new hair cut and I love it!!!!!!!
[ ] You own something from Aeropostale
[ ] You own something from Hollister
[ ] You own something from American eagle
[ ] You own something from Abercromie
[x]You have or had brown hair
[ ] You've been called a prep
[ ] You have converse
[x] you wear flats
[ ] You dont play sports
[ ] You straighten your hair
Multiply by 10

[ ] You have Bapes
[ ] You know the song "Thizzle dance"
[ ] You listen to mac dre
[ ]You usually wear jerseys
[ ] You wear nikes
[x] You play basketball or football for funn
[ ] You never wear pink
[ ] You've been called a gangster
[ ] You listen to gang related music
Multiply by 10

[x] You've worn black nail polish
[ ]You use to cut your wrists
[x] You like "my chemical romance"
[x] you wear or HAVE worn black eyeliner
[ ] You have no friends
[x] You usually wear black
[x] You've been called emo
[ ]You Have/had black hair
You rarely talk
[]You sit in corners
Multiply by 10

[ ] You wear or wore studded belts
[ ] You know who Metallica is
[x] You have long hair
[ ] You like to mosh
[x] You wear band tees
[ ] You NEVER EVER wear pink
[x] You head bang to music
[x] You mastered or will someday master guitar hero
[x] Your pants are above your butt unless they acedently fall or something
[ ] You know who Angus Young is
Multiply by 20

[x] You live in the south
[x] You have ridden a horse
[ ] You know what chaps are
[x] you listen to Alabama
[x] You're proud to be a redneck
{ ] You own a rebel flag anything
[x]People call you redneck or hillbilly
[x]You've gone mudd boggin
[ ] You own a ford, chevy, dodge or harley davidson
[ ]You wear/or have worn blue SKIRT with boots
Multiply by 10
What talent do you have that you wish more people would recognize?

My art talent.

Hey you guys I'm thinking about getting my hair cut and I have some samples please tell me what you think...

I might want the hair a little longer.

And Katlyn I didn't want to put a picture of Jade on here but I thinking about getting her hair cut too but without the high lights.
i'm not over him! i figured this out on good friday when me and my friend talked to him for three hours straight. yea soo. if you want more detail please leave a comment. bye! :D
in art today i got sprayed with some cleaning stuff in the face and it really hurts.i washed most of it out but it still stings a little.and im sooooo over him.

my heart!,it is broken.

there is a really big chance that Jordan,my crush,is going to get back together with his ex-girlfriend.i don't understand why he would get back together with him all the things she has done to him.before they broke up he was in love with that girl then she dump him for a terrible person im not going to say what he does because it is too terrible.now me and my friend megan hang around him a lot more just to make him feel better now she all of a sudden wants to go back out with him.and the bad part is we all know he is going to say yes.that broke my heart.i was going to ask him to the go to the prom with me and megan but i guess not.but ill be ok.
hey ya'll i have a poem i have to do for world history and i want you to see how it is.and please give me your opinion.here it is...

In Medieval Times, you might find a man that lost his mind.
Black Death could kill or give you a chill, maybe break your will.
Trade declined and led people to lose their minds.
Black rats with fleas carry disease.
Don't come on down, trust me you better turn around, and head out of town!
Life is hell;Jews were accused of poisoning the wells.
Of all the struggles that took place the Hundred Years' War was the worst.
Peastant soldiers won the war, not the knights.
So let's fly our kites.
That is all so please give me an applaud.


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